Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering is simple. Your request can be processed via email or by phone. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and personal or company checks. If you are in the design trade, please indicate so when you contact us or fax us your credentials.

Shipping and delivery methods vary according to destination and the size and nature of the antique selected. The Gables can make long distance delivery arrangements using reputable antique handlers who will insure your prepaid shipment. Generally we send the furniture blanket wrapped and we have a large number of shippers we have relied on for years. Smaller items would be carefully packed and can be sent using the United Parcel Service.

Most deliveries are made within two to three weeks and arrive C.O.D.

We travel to Europe several times a year and are happy to look for specific pieces for clients.  They are not under obligation to purchase an item that we selected with them in mind.